T-shirts, CDs and other cool sh*t Giveaway Contest

t-shirts (note: these T-shirts are fairly current but the NMFT6 bands might bring newer ones with different designs) First Prize: One T-shirt and one CD from each of the NMFT6 bands. (That's 5 T-shirts and 5 CDs, yo!) An autographed setlist and autographed guitar pick from the NMFT6 band of your choice. Backstage pass for you and a friend.(hang out with the bands at the concert and depending on the concert location, attend a private dinner, party or sightseeing event). Have an NMFT6 band play a song request and dedicate it to you.

Second Prize: Two NMFT6 band T-shirts and two NMFT6 band CDs of your choice. Backstage pass for you and a friend. Autographed setlist and guitar pick.

Third Prize: One NMFT6 band T-shirt and one NMFT6 band CD of your choice. Autographed setlist and guitar pick.


How to win?

1. Buy a ticket to any of the four NMFT6 shows. This is important because you're going to pick up the prize at the show.

2. Let us know you're attending the show on Facebook. And write a comment about past NMFT shows you may have attended. If it's your first time attending an NMFT show then tell us why you're excited about the upcoming event. May 16 Rivoli May 17 Lee's Palace May 19 Divan Orange May 21 Biltmore Cabaret

3. Write a comment on the NMFT6 trailer. Comment on how you've enjoyed past NMFT shows or why you're looking forward to NMFT6.

Note: Be thoughtful in your comments. Don't just write: "I went to NMFT4. It was good" or anything to that mindless extent because it doesn't convey much. I put a huge amount of time organizing these concerts at an enormous financial loss, so that you guys can enjoy this unique tour. So if you've gone to any NMFT shows in the past and enjoyed them then the least you could do is take the time to write something honest and personalized. Honest comments are preferred over ones that are obviously just sucking up.

When you've fulfilled these three requirements, email me at nmftokyo6@gmail.com with the subject heading "NMFT6 Contest" In order for the contest to be valid there needs to be at least 50 contestants. From the list of contestants that email and qualify, three names will be drawn on Tuesday May 13, 2014. Then the three contestants chosen will be ranked in terms of how interesting, honest and thoughtful the comments were by two NMFT staff members who are helping me out on the tour. (I won't be one of the judges).

Go out and win something!!

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