The Triumvirate

The three lucky winners are: 1. Minal P 2. Rodolfo M 3. Quinn D

The winners were drawn by random: contest draw

There were 12 people who qualified properly but a 13th entrant was added for posting a nice write-up about NMFT6 in his blog. The entrants were ordered in the sequence comments were posted on the NMFT6 trailer and the blogger was made the 13th entrant. It was too difficult for judges Eric and Sharon to rank the 3 winners so they were made co-winners. Since the rules stipulated that 50 entrants were required for validation of the contest.... NOONE WINS ANYTHING!!!!! hahaha ... ... ... ...


The three winners will each receive two t-shirts (any size) and two CDs of their choice at the merch table. I had to change the prizes due to lack of sufficient participation in the contest and the possibility that the bands won't provide the T-shirts/CDs for free and I might have to pay for the prizes myself.

Anyways congratulations to Minal, Rodolfo and Quinn. And thanks to everyone who participated because you all wrote such nice, heartfelt comments. Oh yeah tickets for the May 16 Rivoli show are completely, COMPLETELY sold out with no wiggle room based on legal capacity. Tickets for the May 17 Lee's Palace show are also selling like mad. Thanks to the nice previews by CBC Radio, Now, the Grid, Metro, Indie88, TORJA, Bits etc for creating some positive noise. It may be wise to get tickets for May 17 in advance but there should be tickets at the door.